The 11th International Congress on Nursing Informatics

Held between 23rd and 27th of June in 2012, the 11th International Congress on Nursing Informatics took place in Montreal, Quebec. The theme, which ran through the programme of events, was one of advancing global health through informatics. The practice of nursing informatics is the science that integrates nursing with information and knowledge. Nursing informatics combines the management of information and communication technologies in order to promote the health of communities, individuals and families around the world.

In practical terms, this means that those practitioners concerned with nursing informatics work to develop systems of communication and information technologies to improve healthcare. So-called nursing informaticians act as a combination of educators, chief nursing officers, information officers, researchers and sometimes software engineers. On top of this, the role of a nursing informatician can be one of an implementation consultant and, in certain scenarios, a healthcare policy developer.

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The 11th International Congress, which was attended by in excess of 600 delegates from 38 countries, sought to generate and share both information as well as nursing knowledge, in line with these principals. For those who attended, this included the sharing of all manner of research that had been conducted in health care settings. One particular area covered at the congress was the examination of the impact of healthcare IT systems, commonly referred to as HIT, and the experience of information technology generally on nursing practice.

The congress also dealt extensively with the effects of technology on nursing education, management and research programmes. The programme also updated attendees’ knowledge and skills in areas which related to the latest developments and innovations in HIT. This was especially the case in the areas of health policy, global health, and patient-centred care. In terms of technological innovation, the congress provided insights into many nurses’ and healthcare providers’ forthcoming priorities and future ideas with practical examples given by practitioners who are already highly enabled with HIT systems. There were also sessions that promoted long lasting connections between similarly minded professionals who are committed to advancing health issues around the globe.

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